Coach parking

Information on coach parking spaces in Mainz.

Click here to call up the interactive coach parking map of Mainz.

Coach parking in Mainz

Coach parking spaces at

  • Rheinstrasse 68 - at Hilton Hotel
  • Peter-Altmeier-Allee - at Electoral Palace
  • Rheinstrasse - at Rathaus Parking
  • Mombacher Strasse - near Halle 45

Coach parking spaces near Rhine / Hilton Hotel

  • Rheinstrasse 68 / 55116 Mainz, close to Hilton Hotel
  • Right on the bank of the Rhine
  • Connection to public transport service
  • At walking distance to city centre
  • Peter-Altmeier-Allee


Coach parking in Mainz-Mombach

  • Mombacher Strasse / 55131 Mainz
  • Near Halle 45
  • Close to Schott AG


Tourist Service Center

Brückenturm, Rheinstraße 55

Tourist Service Center at Brückenturm is closed from 03/16/2020 up to and including 04/19/2020.

Landesmuseum, Große Bleiche 49-51

Tourist Service Center in the Landesmuseum Mainz will not be open to the public until further notice.