Carnival or "Fassenacht" in Mainz is the famous fifth season with round-the-clock celebrations.

Carnival is a cultural phenomenon rooted in the city's history. The carnival of Mainz is known throughout Germany thanks to the popular TV programme "Mainz bleibt Mainz, wie es singt und lacht". As a consequence, the event attracts people from far beyond the region.

Apart from the indoor events of banquets and meetings, there are lots of street parades and parties lasting all night long, for everybody to join in. Among the best known highlights are the legendary "Jugendmaskenzug", the parade where children and adolescents wear full costumes and masks, and the big Rosenmontag parade. Another high point is the Prinzgardeball at Rheingoldhalle, the largest carnival ball in the Rhine-Main region.

This year's carnival badge or Zugplakettchen shows the famous "Schoppenstecher": a typical Mainz expression for someone, who spends their evening driking one glass of wine after the other in one of the many wine taverns in Mainz.The badges are sold to fund the event and have long become collector's items. Zugplakettchen are available everywhere in town.

Carnival city tours

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