Churches & other sacred buildings

Current safety instructions for Covid-19

Guided tours and cultural walks that can be booked individually as well as the public guided tours that take place regularly will be cancelled at least until May 6, 2020.

All museums are closed until May 3, 2020.

The following major events will be cancelled until August 31, 2020: Mainzer Museumsnacht, Mainzer Rheinfrühling,  the wine marathon, the Rhineland-Palatinate exhibition, Mainzer Johannisnacht, Weinfest im Kirchenstück, Ebersheimer Weinwanderung, Mainzer Bierbörse, Mainzer Sommerlichter, Mainzer Weinmarkt (first weekend August 27-30, 2020), Summer in the City", Sommerschwüle, Seniorensommerfest, Marktfrühstück. The Gutenberg Marathon and the Open Ohr Festival have already been cancelled.

In the churches of the diocese of Mainz no church services are taking place until further notice. The Mainz Cathedral and the Church of St. Stephen will remain closed. The Gotthard chapel is open for personal prayer.

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"I would have remembered this cathedral above the Rhine plain in all its power and grandeur if I had never seen it again", wrote the writer Anna Seghers. Even a thousand years after its construction, the mighty cathedral still gives the city its face. mehr lesen ...

St. Stephen's

200 000 visitors per year show: St. Stephan is an attraction! Tourists from all over the world pilgrimage up to the Stephansberg, to the blue illuminated glass windows of the artist Marc Chagall. mehr lesen ...

Christ Church

Conceived as a representative counterweight to the cathedral, the 80-metre-high dome of the Christuskirche stands out architecturally from the ensemble of church towers in the city centre. The history of the Christuskirche is closely connected with that of the Mainz Protestants, who set with this church a sign of their self-confidence. mehr lesen ...

St. Augustine's

The Augustinian church in the middle of the old town remained almost unscathed during the Second World War and shows an extraordinary splendour in its original state. mehr lesen ...

St. Christopher's

The early Gothic parish church of St. Christopher on Karmeliterplatz was built between 1292 and 1325. It was almost completely destroyed during the heavy bomb attacks on Mainz in 1942 and 1945. In 1963/64 the ruin was transformed into a Mainz memorial and a chapel. mehr lesen ...

St. John's

St. Johannis is the oldest church in Mainz and the only surviving church from the Merovingian period (7th century) in Germany. mehr lesen ...

Carmelite Church

The Karmeliterkirche is the only surviving medieval mendicant order church in Mainz - and it is by no means an "old wall"! mehr lesen ...

St. Ignatius Church

In the middle of the low old town houses of the Kapuzinerstraße rises the red sandstone facade of St. Ignaz. The church was built between 1763 and 1774 according to plans by Johann Peter Jäger. mehr lesen ...

St. Peter's

All the glory of the rococo seems to have gathered in St. Peter's and shines in bright gold - fresh as on the first day. With good reason: In 1989, the elegant church with the twin onion towers was returned to the community as new after more than ten years of restoration. mehr lesen ...

New Synagogue

Mainz is one of the oldest Jewish communities in Europe. In the Middle Ages, the city was the centre of Jewish teaching and religion. The main synagogue, built in 1912, was plundered and set on fire during the pogrom night from 9 to 10 November 1938. 70 years after its destruction by the National Socialists, Mainz again received a visible sign for a new, lively Judaism in 2010. mehr lesen ...

Synagogue of Weisenau

The synagogue in Mainz-Weisenau was built in 1737/38. It is the only synagogue in Mainz that survived the period of National Socialism. Two Mikwen (ritual dipping baths) were found in the forecourt of the synagogue. These Mikwen from the baroque time and the middle of the 19th century make the Weisenauer synagogue unique in Germany. mehr lesen ...

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