St. Peter's

All the gold splendour of Rococo appears to have descended on St. Peter's. As it was fully restored over ten years and only reopened in 1989, the elegant church with its two onion dome towers sparkles and shines like on its first day.

St. Peter's is a treasure trove of period and contemporary art. The colourful interior was created by the Bavarian painter Karl Manninger and his pupil Hermenegild Peiker. Manninger took his inspiration from the frescos painted between 1752 and 1755 by Joseph Appiani, which were destroyed in the war. They tell of the life and works of the apostles. The only surviving original fresco can be seen behind the entrance.

The building stands on the site of a much older church founded by Archbishop Friedrich of Lothringia in 944. In 1748, the court architect Johann Valentin Thomann built a new church on the foundations of the demolished parochial chapel of St. Mary. Recent, painstaking restorations have brought the late Baroque building back to its former glory. Among the original pieces are the white and gold timber pulpit by the workshop of Johann Förster and a number of lavishly decorated altars, including the altar of the Holy Cross by Hans Backoffen dating from the 16th century. The celebration altar was designed by the Palatine sculpture Gernot Rumpf in 1989. It shows all kinds of "men-com-fish" figures caught in a bronze net. The matching ambon and Easter candle were added at a later stage.

St Peter von vorne Decke St Peter Hl. Nikolaus St Peter St Peter Orgel neu St Peter Herz-Jesu- und Kreuzaltar St. Peter seitlich Zelebrationsaltar St Peter


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Pfarramt Sankt Peter Mainz
Petersstraße 3
55116 Mainz

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