Guided tours and cultural walks that can be booked individually as well as the public guided tours that take place regularly will be cancelled at least until May 6, 2020.

All museums are closed until May 3, 2020.

The following major events will be cancelled until August 31, 2020: Mainzer Museumsnacht, Mainzer Rheinfrühling,  the wine marathon, the Rhineland-Palatinate exhibition, Mainzer Johannisnacht, Weinfest im Kirchenstück, Ebersheimer Weinwanderung, Mainzer Bierbörse, Mainzer Sommerlichter, Mainzer Weinmarkt (first weekend August 27-30, 2020), Summer in the City", Sommerschwüle, Seniorensommerfest, Marktfrühstück. The Gutenberg Marathon and the Open Ohr Festival have already been cancelled.

In the churches of the diocese of Mainz no church services are taking place until further notice. The Mainz Cathedral and the Church of St. Stephen will remain closed. The Gotthard chapel is open for personal prayer.

More information is available at

Gutenberg Museum

Four millennia of the history of writing culture from all over the world can be experienced today in the Gutenberg Museum. Johannes Gutenberg from Mainz plays a leading role here, having invented printing with letters from the casting machine and the printing press about 550 years ago. mehr lesen ...

Landesmuseum Mainz

In addition to Roman stone monuments and prehistoric and early historical finds from the Middle Rhine, the Landesmuseum's holdings include works of painting, sculpture and craftsmanship from the Middle Ages to the present day. mehr lesen ...

Natural History Museum

In addition to exhibits from today's animal and plant world, numerous finds from the geological past of Rhineland-Palatinate are shown. Particularly noteworthy are the 44 million year old original horse and the world famous Quagga Group from Mainz. mehr lesen ...

Romano-Germanic Central Museum

The Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum (RGZM) is both a research institute and a museum of archaeology. mehr lesen ...

Museum of Ancient Seafaring

The Museum of Ancient Navigation of the RGZM shows a variety of ancient vessels: from simple boats and canoes to merchant ships and military patrol ships and battleships. mehr lesen ...

Carnival Museum

Das Fastnachtsmuseum präsentiert dem Besucher 160 Jahre Mainzer Fastnachtsgeschichte. mehr lesen ...

Cathedral and Diocesan Museum

In rooms steeped in history, the Cathedral and Diocesan Museum - the second largest of its kind in Germany - presents sacred art from late antiquity to the present day. mehr lesen ...


The Kunsthalle Mainz in Mainz Zollhafen is a venue for temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. mehr lesen ...

Sanctuary of Isis & Mater Magna

In addition to finds such as oil lamps, offerings and figures, the foundations of a Roman temple, which was probably used until the third century A.D., can be seen here. mehr lesen ...

Kupferberg Museum

The main building of the Kupferberg winery on the Kupferbergterrasse in Mainz is home to a museum. Over 2,000 year old wine amphoras, jugs and drinking bowls and one of the largest collections of sparkling wine and champagne glasses are exhibited there. mehr lesen ...

City History Museum

The Stadthistorisches Museum Mainz, located in the middle of the citadel monument zone, presents excerpts from the rich history of the city, with a permanent exhibition on social, economic and cultural history. mehr lesen ...

Garrison Museum

The extensive collection includes uniforms, photos, documents and reserves relating to the garrison history of the city of Mainz. Among other things also a beautiful model of the Mainz fortress. mehr lesen ...

Deutsches Kabarettarchiv

The German Cabaret Archive is represented in the form of a museum at its locations in Bernburg Castle (Saale) and the historical "Provisions Magazine" in Mainz am Rhein. mehr lesen ...

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