Museum of Ancient Seafaring

The Museum of Ancient Seafaring is set in a light-flooded former market hall close to the Rhine. The centrepieces of the exhibition are the wooden remains of five Roman military ships from the 4th century AD as well as two impressive replicas around 20 metres long. The wrecks, found in Mainz in 1981/82, are evidence of times when Roman patrol boats cruised the Rhine to protect the outer border of the Roman Empire from invaders. From the 1st to the 4th century, Roman Mainz was not only an important base for the Rhine fleet but also for trade. At the museum you can follow the people who were on the move on and along the Rhine at that time. The Museum of Ancient Seafaring is barrier-free except for the gallery. It also has a tactile exhibition plan and two touch stations for blind and visually impaired people.
Museum closing on 1st July 2022 for refurbishment
Some 30 years after the sensational discovery of the "Mainz Roman Ships", the museum's permanent exhibition is being redesigned and modernised. This is made possible by funding from the "Leibniz Research Museums Action Plan". The current exhibition will be on display until 30 June 2022, before the doors close on 1 July and the renovation works begins. The Museum of Ancient Seafaring is scheduled to reopen in spring 2023. Until its closure, the museum will be hosting various events.

Museum of Ancient Seafaring Museum of Ancient Seafaring Museum of Ancient Seafaring


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Museum für Antike Schiffahrt Mainz
Neutorstr. 2b
55116 Mainz

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