mainzcardplus is much more than just a public transport travel pass. Holders get free admission to the city's museums and great discounts at cultural events, leisure facilities, shopping, and sightseeing, not to mention a free guided tour of the city.    

Single card: 18.00€
Group card for up to 5 people: 55.00€

Make the most of all the advantages of mainzcardplus to explore the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate!
You will find information about the use of the card on public transport below:

Valid for all public transport services within the Mainz-Wiesbaden tariff area (RMV 65) that are no subject to a surcharge.

Dates and times
The mainzcardplus is valid on the date stamped on it, plus the entire following day.

Validity for other offers
For all other offers, the mainzcardplus is valid for 48 hours starting from the time stamped on it.

mainzcardplus passes are available from:

•    mainz STORE
•    Mainz Traffic Center, Bahnhofplatz 6A
•    many hotel reception desks

mainzcardplus advantages and offers:

  • For relaxed travelling – by bus and train:
    mainzcardplus entitles you to free travel on all public transport routes (bus, tram, S, RB and RE train services) in Mainz and Wiesbaden (RMV 65)

    Please note: for public transport, mainzcardplus is only valid on the day stamped on it and the following day. For more information, contact RMV mobility advice at Mainz Traffic Center, Bahnhofplatz 6A, phone: +49 6131 12 7777, 
  • Free admission to several museums in Mainz:
    Gutenberg Museum, State Museum, Natural History Museum, Cathedral and Diocesan Museum, Carnival Museum, City History Museum and Art Gallery Mainz (special exhibitions are subject to other conditions)
  • Free participation in the city tour „Golden Mainz and its sights“: Please note that prior registration by e-mail ( or by telephone (+49 6131 242 827) is required. We will be happy to inform you when guided tours will take place.
  • Free admission to Mainz Casino, Karmeliterstrasse 14, 55116 Mainz
  • 10% discount on standing tickets for ZDF Fernsehgarten live TV show (subject to availability)
  • 20% discount on tickets of KD Schifffahrtsgesellschaft (scheduled trips only)
  • 10% discount on regular prices of all cultural events at Frankfurter Hof and KUZ (subject to availability only at the box office)
  • 10% discount on tickets for performances at the Mainz State Theatre
  • 10% discount on all souvenirs for sale at mainz STORE (except for tickets and wine)