Carmelite Church

The Carmelite Church is the only still standing medieval church of a mendicant order in Mainz.
The Carmelites first came to Mainz in 1270. Their first monastery and church in the city were however only built in the early 1300s. The monastery was dissolved in 1802. In 1924, more than one hundred years later, the Carmelite Church was handed back to the mendicant order that had been part of the city's Christian community since 1270. For a period before 1924, the building served as a warehouse, and it was only the protests of the citizens of Mainz that saved it from demolition.

Construction of the modern monastery commenced in 1963. One year later, the first group of monks moved in and began to use the adjacent church dating from the early 14th century for religious service.

Despite its turbulent history, the Carmelite Church is essentially preserved in its original state, as only the ceiling paintings are copies. Of special interest are the 14th century high altar shrine featuring a bas-relief from 1517, the sculpture of the "Holy Mary of the Vine" (ca. 1400) and the modern windows by Jan Schoenaker (1970). The centre chancel window depicts the coat of arms of Mainz as well as two "Mainzelmännchen", cartoon figures popularised by the German state TV station ZDF.

In 2009/2010, the interior was completely restored and refurbished, for instance with a new altar island and a new timber altar.

Carmelite Church


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Karmeliterkloster Mainz
Karmeliterstr. 7
55116 Mainz

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