The citadel is among the most important monuments of Mainz, and is one of the few remaining modern era citadels in Germany. Here, 2000 years of history are present to this day – from the Roman theatre to the Luther Church erected in the 20th century.

Citadel: Built in 1660 on the hill of Jakobsberg, the citadel was part of the fortification of Mainz. The city's strategic location on the Rhine and in the heartland of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation made sure that it played an important part in the history of Germany. With the formation of Rhine Hesse, the city became part of the Grand Duchy of Hesse, and the citadel was extensively fortified. It survived many occupations and even the Second World War bombardments, when the people of Mainz sought shelter there. Today, it is one of the few remaining citadels of the modern era in Germany and houses a number of municipal offices and cultural institutions. The citadel is a popular venue for concerts and festivals, such as the annual Citadel Festival and the Christmas market. The citadel of Mainz is also well known among the young people of Germany for the Open Ohr Festival and similar events.

Guided tours

Entertaining guided tours with guides in costume bring visitors through the overground and underground structures of the fortifications.

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  • The traditional tour: Public guided tour focusing on the history of the citadel and the city (1.5 h)
  • The in-depth tour: Public guided tour covering the Roman theatre and the citadel moat (2 h)
  • Our entertainment highlight: Public tour with Julchen in costume (1.5 h)
  • For wine lovers and culture aficionados: "Wein, Weiber und Geschichten" wine-themed event and guided tour (2 h)

The old walls and moats of the fortifications are in a partially poor state and are overgrown by plants that cause even further damage. Initiative Zitadelle Mainz e.V. (IZM), an association established in 2004 is working hard to save the citadel. The independent, non-profit organisation wants to ensure that the fortifications are preserved in a manner that does not damage the environment, and that the old moat becomes accessible to the public.


Zitadelle Mainz Citadel Citadel Citadel


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Initiative Zitadelle Mainz e.V.
Am 87er Denkmal
55131 Mainz

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