Wine events in Mainz

Mainz Wine Market

At the end of August/beginning of September, anyone and everyone who produces, sells or just enjoys wine in the region takes part in a get-together in Mainz's Stadtpark. The park with its beautiful rose garden is the perfect romantic setting for the largest wine festival in Mainz. In the wine village, Mainz welcomes a different Great Wine Capital each year to promote its produce. Enjoy a sparkling wine in the rose garden, meet people at the many public tables, take a rest on the green lawn and eat, drink, chat and celebrate.

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Wine Forum Rheinhessen

The Mecca for wine lovers from all over the Rhine-Main area and far beyond. More than 100 wines and sparkling wines are ready for tasting. The best of the award, the wines of the Selection Rheinhessen, plus the glass and wine school of Zwiesel Kristallglas, u.v.m.

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Federweisser Season

Federweisser is a fresh wine sold just as it begins to ferment. After the grapes have been pressed, fermentation starts and continues until all fruit sugar in the juice has been converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The Federweisser season begins at a different date each year, depending on the harvesting time. In Mainz, this young, cloudy wine is sold at street stalls and is best consumed together with an onion pie. Federweisser stalls can be found here:

  • Stall of Mainzer Winzer & of the winery Helga May, Bodenheim - Höfchen, 55116 Mainz
  • Stall of the winery Wolf, Lörzweiler- Schillerplatz, 55116 Mainz
  • Stall of the wineries Becker and Schnittler, Zornheim und Weinolsheim - Schusterstraße (Square in front of Galeria Kaufhof), 55116 Mainz
  • Stall of the winery Böhm, Wörrstadt - Flachsmarkt, 55116 Mainz