Rheinhessen region

Wining & dining in Rheinhessen

Rheinhessen, the largest winegrowing region of Germany, produces a huge variety of authentic quality wines. Many vineyards have recently been taken over by a younger generation of innovative wine producers who are dedicated to perfection.

Their passion is matched by that of the chefs that work in the kitchens all over Rheinhessen. Both wine producers and restaurateurs have embraced regional traditions and cuisine, serving food made from local produce paired with the perfect wine.

To get to know the wines of Rheinhessen, we recommend visiting one of the many wineries that have been awarded the "Rheinhessen AUSGEZEICHNET" (excellent) seal. The wine you will be served there is of an excellent quality, and staff will be delighted to tell you all about local wines, the most exciting excursions, and the sites not to miss.

Rheinhessen, often referred to as the land of 1000 hills, is the largest winegrowing region of Germany with an exceptionally mild and sunny climate. Rheinhessen is known for its fruity, mildly acidic white wines. Seventy percent of the vineyard acreage is planted with white wine varieties.

Rheinhessen offers an unrivalled range of varieties, so wine lovers are bound to find a local wine that perfectly suits their palate. In terms of volume, Müller-Thurgau tops the list, followed by Riesling. In third place, we have Silvaner, a regional specialty which can be found on many local wine lists. Rheinhessen is currently the world's largest producer of Silvaner grapes. And there are many other, lesser known, yet equally as exciting varieties.

Red wine varieties account for thirty percent of the vineyard area. The most important is Dornfelder which accounts for about thirteen percent of the acreage, followed by Blauer Portugieser, Spätburgunder, Regent, and a handful of less famous varieties, catering for a great red wine selection.

The cities of Worms and Mainz were established by the Romans. While Worms is known as the place where Martin Luther refused to repudiate his beliefs, Mainz became an electoral city and is today primarily associated with Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of movable type.

The people of Rheinhessen are known for their open-mindedness, vibrant social life, and sense of fun, welcoming visitors with open arms. The 200th anniversary celebrations of Rheinhessen in 2016 were a great success, as the rest of Germany became highly influenced by the joie de vivre and charm of its people. Aware of their history and unique culture, the people of Rheinhessen uphold their traditions, all while embracing new technology and change.

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