Specialities from Mainz

Mainz is known for its many culinary delights: enjoy a traditional "Weck, Worscht un Woi" lunch (bread roll, sausage, and wine) at a local tavern in the old city centre or at a trendy winery.

If you prefer drinking a glass right where the grapes grow, visit one of the many vineyards of the region to meet the producers in person.

The weekly market is the ideal place to sample local food. It takes place three times a week on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday on the picturesque squares around Mainz Cathedral. Join the people of Mainz who stroll and shop here, or simply meet up with friends for a chat.

A specialty of Mainz is "Meenzer Spundekäs mit Brezelchen", a fresh cheese dip served with pretzels.

In addition, we have prepared a brief "Woi" ABC for your next visit to Meenz:

  • Schoppe:

If you order a Schoppe, you will usually receive 0.2 liters of wine mixed with 0.2 liters of mineral water to make a wine spritzer. The exact ratio between wine and water can vary.

  • Halbe:

Locals pronounce it "Halwe", which means a quarter of a litre of wine 

  • Racheputzer:

Unharmonious wines, also called Racheputzer, will hopefully seldom be encountered during your visit to Mainz

  • Schoppestecher:

This is how people from Mainz refer to everyone who enjoys drinking a Schoppe

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